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Oct 04

CertoConnect integrated with UseMyServices


Our hardworking tech team has completed the CertoConnect integration with the bank transfer network UseMyServices that enables the merchant’s customers to pay locally and via their own bank account.

UseMyService is currently available to consumers in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and the US.

Complete press release can be found here.

We continue to burn the midnight oil and we will get right to the next integration;

Aug 29

iFrame integration

CertoConnect strives to work as much in the background as possible and most preferably not be seen at all at any point in the actual payment process.

Now it can work even more in the background with a new type of integration method we call an iFrame integration.

The main difference with an iFrame integration from the “regular” type of integration is that instead of redirecting the customer to CertoConnect`s checkout page, the payment process can take place in the iFrame, and create the comfortable feeling for the customer of never leaving your website.

You can get more detailed information on how to use the iFrame integration here.

The simple payment process is shown in the below step-by-step guide.

The customer goes to the checkout page and clicks on “Checkout”:

After the customer clicks on “Checkout” CertoConnect`s secure payment page will open in the iFrame. Your own website will still be visible under the iFrame:

In this example the customer wants to pay by using a credit card and chooses his card brand. In the example we use a card called “Bogus” (imaginary brand) but would be one of the major card brands.

The customer fills out the form and enter the credit card details as with any payment page:

Next step would be to fill out the shipping address or the customer can use the already entered billing address. This step will be skipped if you have disabled the requirement for a customer to enter a shipping address in your settings.

The customer reviews the entered information:

The final step is when the customer completes the payment.

Depending on the payment result (approved/rejected) the customer will be redirected to either a success URL or fail URL with your own choice of text and the possibility to continue to interact with the customer.

We hope that you will enjoy this new and exciting integration possibility.

Give it a try and don’t be afraid to send us any feedback you might have on iFrame. Good or bad. We can take it

Aug 22

Here we come!

It was about time to knock on the door to some of the bank transfer networks and direct debit solutions we have lined up for integration with CertoConnect.

TrustPay was the first network to be integrated and CertoConnect is now live with it.

TrustPay have a good coverage in the Eastern European region and expanding with more countries and banks shortly. Right now TrustPay cover Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Estonia. It’s no secret that bank transfers and direct debits are the second largest payment method in the world and with very high security benefits for both the merchant and the customer.

We have several partners that are waiting on getting integrated with CertoConnect such as;

Some nice and well deserved summer vacations energized our tech team members and we will take full advantage of that new found energy.

Who knows?

We might just experience another integration marathon :)

Jul 04

Integration marathon

Dublin Marathon 2010 - 31st Marathon Breaks All Records

We got quite a few requests from our merchants to integrate Ukash into CertoConnect and since we listen to our merchant’s feedback, and being as nice as we are, we listened and took immediate action.

Ukash offers secure pre-paid vouchers which can be cashed in at thousands of connected websites and Ukash even have their own iPhone App with multiple features. It`s very convenient. The past few years Ukash have grown into a well-known and well used alternative payment brand among merchants worldwide and a given CertoConnect partner.

While we were on a roll on doing the Ukash integration we threw in another exciting alternative payment brand; Moneybookers.

Talk about an integration marathon.

We are sure that most merchants are familiar with Moneybookers so we will not dig too much into a presentation.

Much more to come though so stay tuned.

Jun 09

Our CertoDirect Payment Gateway with 3-D Secure Support was added to CertoConnect

Failsafe Payment`s own payment gateway, CertoDirect, was added as an integrated payment gateway with CertoConnect. Activating CertoDirect in CertoConnect is done by a few clicks. Instant activation and we do mean instant.

CertoDirect is not your usual payment gateway and we are not saying that because Failsafe Payments developed CertoDirect :) No Sir. We have many special features but one that is important to mention is the support of 3-D Secure transactions supported by Visa, MasterCard and JCB.

Not only that but we also have our own MPI software to support these transactions so we are in the top of the supply chain.

What does this mean for you? If you get a merchant account issued with any of Failsafe Payments banking partners you can take advantage of this safe and secure feature to reduce fraudulent transactions and the risk for friendly chargebacks.

Jun 06

CertoConnect is free to use until January, 2012!



We have received very good feedback along with many cool ideas from our users of CertoConnect and we want to use that feedback to build an excellent service.

Implementing some of the ideas that have been generated will take some time so we extend the offer to use CertoConnect for free until January, 2012.

Christmas comes early this year :)

Apr 13

Instant redirection

We got some useful feedback from some of our clients that are using CertoConnect. Their wish was to have a shorter payment flow for their customers.

It’s not an easy task since the payment flows is basically standard in the business and it’s hard to find new ways to streamline these flows.


We didn’t say impossible.

Our tech team boiled a few pots of coffee and pulled an all nighter.


CertoConnect can now offer a solution where all the steps with reviewing the order and choose payment method have been eliminated for a better overall customer experience.

Merchants can now put a code, available in our API, which will display buttons such as “Pay with PayPal” or “Pay with Google Checkout” on the merchants own website:

The customer clicks on the button for the payment method that he wants to use for payment and instantly gets directed to the payment brands payment page to carry out the actual payment.

Thank God for coffee :)

Mar 11

Why CertoConnect?

Nudo de carreteras / Road junction (Chicago)

We here at Failsafe Payments got a wide experience of integrations with banks, acquirers, shopping carts, alternative payments, 3-D Secure, fraud scrubbing services and payment gateways.

We know very well all the challenges merchants and Merchant Service Providers (MSP`s) face during any kind of integration process. A lot of documentation, different aspects to make sure a smooth payment flow, certifications and the list goes on.

Still, alternative payment methods such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Checkout, Mobile Payments, Bank Transfers and Direct Debits have all started to take a significant share of the payments made online and via the Internet and the share continue to grow.

Many merchants would like to offer their customers the possibility to pay by using these payment options but are facing a long time consuming process of integrating each of these systems and overcome serious obstacles along the way. The road to enable various alternative payment options, and other services, is a very long one that few merchants are willing to travel.

Not anymore.

Our goal is to shorten that road drastically for both merchants and MSP`s and we will do exactly that. That is our quest and promise to you.

That is why we are developing CertoConnect that allows merchants and MSP`s to easily add and enable alternative payment methods, and all other integrated services, through a single integration with CertoConnect.