October 2011
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CertoConnect integrated with UseMyServices
Hooray! Our hardworking tech team has completed the CertoConnect integration with the bank transfer network UseMyServices that enables the merchant’s customers to pay locally and via their own bank account. UseMyService is currently available to consumers in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and the US. Complete press release can be found...
Oct 4th
August 2011
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iFrame integration
CertoConnect strives to work as much in the background as possible and most preferably not be seen at all at any point in the actual payment process. Now it can work even more in the background with a new type of integration method we call an iFrame integration. The main difference with an iFrame integration from the “regular” type of integration is that instead of redirecting the customer to...
Aug 29th
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Here we come!
It was about time to knock on the door to some of the bank transfer networks and direct debit solutions we have lined up for integration with CertoConnect. TrustPay was the first network to be integrated and CertoConnect is now live with it. TrustPay have a good coverage in the Eastern European region and expanding with more countries and banks shortly. Right now TrustPay cover Slovakia, Czech...
Aug 22nd
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July 2011
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Integration marathon
We got quite a few requests from our merchants to integrate Ukash into CertoConnect and since we listen to our merchant’s feedback, and being as nice as we are, we listened and took immediate action. Ukash offers secure pre-paid vouchers which can be cashed in at thousands of connected websites and Ukash even have their own iPhone App with multiple features. It`s very convenient. The past few...
Jul 4th
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June 2011
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Our CertoDirect Payment Gateway with 3-D Secure...
Failsafe Payment`s own payment gateway, CertoDirect, was added as an integrated payment gateway with CertoConnect. Activating CertoDirect in CertoConnect is done by a few clicks. Instant activation and we do mean instant. CertoDirect is not your usual payment gateway and we are not saying that because Failsafe Payments developed CertoDirect :) No Sir. We have many special features but one...
Jun 9th
CertoConnect is free to use until January, 2012!
Why? We have received very good feedback along with many cool ideas from our users of CertoConnect and we want to use that feedback to build an excellent service. Implementing some of the ideas that have been generated will take some time so we extend the offer to use CertoConnect for free until January, 2012. Christmas comes early this year :)
Jun 6th
April 2011
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Instant redirection
We got some useful feedback from some of our clients that are using CertoConnect. Their wish was to have a shorter payment flow for their customers. It’s not an easy task since the payment flows is basically standard in the business and it’s hard to find new ways to streamline these flows. Hard. We didn’t say impossible. Our tech team boiled a few pots of coffee and pulled an all nighter. ...
Apr 13th
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March 2011
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Why CertoConnect?
We here at Failsafe Payments got a wide experience of integrations with banks, acquirers, shopping carts, alternative payments, 3-D Secure, fraud scrubbing services and payment gateways. We know very well all the challenges merchants and Merchant Service Providers (MSP`s) face during any kind of integration process. A lot of documentation, different aspects to make sure a smooth payment flow,...
Mar 11th